Who is elin dating now

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There was some good news about the divorce, though, as the couple have shared custody over the children.

Despite their marriage not working out, the relationship between Nordegren and Woods has been amicable.

So now that she is single, has a degree and raising two children, what else is Nordegren up to these days?

There were rumors that she was dating Chris Cline, a 58 year old billionaire (she is 37 years old) who has invested heavily in the coal industry, though it either didn’t last long or a relationship never actually happened.

The former Swedish model, 33, has a new man with a really big boat, according to TMZ.

Parnevik’s wife had been asked repeatedly by Woods to introduce the two, and it finally happened in 2001.

Woods wasn’t the only one according to Parnevik, who said that all of the golfers were asking questions about her.

Nordegren remained mum on the situation with the press, while Woods would later admit that “I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to.” A few months after that statement to the press and Woods going into therapy, the couple would split officially in August 2010.

Nordegren had a powerful team of lawyers, and received at least 0 million as part of the settlement.

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