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The three main examples of this defence are statements made: (1) in Parliament; (2) as evidence at a trial or in court documents, in a criminal or civil case; and (3) to a quasi-judicial body, such as a regulatory professional association like the Law Society, that was investigating a complaint.

The privilege does not apply if a person repeats their statement outside of Parliament or the court or regulatory process.

Canadian users, on average, spent 40 minutes daily on Facebook.

87% of Facebook users were aged 18-29 and 77% of Facebook users were young females.

Libel and slander, known broadly as the tort of defamation, are untrue statements made by an individual that are harmful to someone else's reputation.

These statements must be shared to a third party and not just to the individual targeted by the statement.

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The defence also allows the fair and accurate reporting of court proceedings in the media, such as newspaper reports of a trial.

This defence is where remarks that may otherwise be defamatory were conveyed to a third party non-maliciously and for an honest and well-motivated reason.

For example, say a former employee gives its employer's name to another employer as a reference and that prospective employer calls the current employer for a reference.

Unlike the traditional letter to the editor, comments on social media can be posted instantly, often in the heat of emotion, and many people who post comments do so under the mistaken belief that they will remain anonymous.

Social media has the ability to create a false sense of intimacy, as users may mistakenly believe they are only speaking to a small, well-known group of individuals.

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