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She licked the underside, making a large drop appear.She let it roll down the head and into the hair on my belly.She was quite talented, and except for a small streak that escaped one corner of her mouth, she swallowed it all. Donna was astounded at the variety of the geology and topography.When I was done, she lifted off me and smiled, then opened her mouth to show me what remained, a thick coating of sperm on her tongue. The Glass Mountains really convey a "wild west" image and we hiked a little from the rest area there.The angle was such that I could drag my dick over her clit, and I made sure I gave it a good workout with the top of my shaft. " I slowed my pace, taking a moment each time I bottomed out to let her feel me inside her. Donna looked up at me in the frenzy of her climax, meeting my eyes as I started to erupt inside her, long thick spurts of sperm that filled and overflowed her, spilling back out onto my balls and down her ass.Soon Donna was thrashing around me, a long continuous moan coming from her lips, until she finally went off like a bomb, her pussy soaking my cock and balls as she had a monumental orgasm. Her ass was hanging slightly off the seat, and I saw some of my come drip onto the door frame of the car.Donna sighed and slid down in the seat, closing her eyes.I slowly worked in and out of her, sometimes playing on her clit, which made her jump. I was soon working her pretty steadily, and I could sense the pressure rising.

I was surprised at how much she could take in her small mouth.Donna was still in an adventurous mood, and wanted to explore some more in a part of the country she had not been to. She wrapped it around her, leaving the last two buttons open. I leaned over, kissing her hard, and reached into her top, fondling her tit. "I can see we're going to have fun with this outfit," she said. " She continued to rub me as I drove, til I was starting to leak on my thigh and was making a spot on the leg of my shorts.She grabbed the white top, which was sleeveless, then took off her tank top. " she said, playing with her tits momentarily, as if to air them out as she took them out of her top. There's not much traffic, and the towns are farther and farther between," I said. " "You'd have me ride naked," said Donna, laughing. As much as I liked watching her in the tank top, the button down was better, as it let me see more, especially as she moved. She reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties out from under it, tossing them at me. She sat on the edge of the seat, kicking off her sneakers and stepped into her boots, giving me a good look at her furry muff as she did so. I could see her right breast clearly as I looked over. "Looks like you're already enjoying it." She reached over and rubbed my crotch. Donna pulled back the leg of my shorts, exposing the leaking head of my cock.She took my hand and held it as I played on her, grabbing it tightly as I brought her closer, til finally she cried out and her hips raised up off the seat in orgasm, her pussy slurping as I kept playing in it, and soaking my fingers. " By now we were into the Texas panhandle, where there are a lot of roads that go off into the Canadian River valley that are not well traveled."Oh, God, that was intense, even more than last night," said Donna as she came down. I turned onto one, went about 1/2 mile, and pulled off.

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