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Despite a student’s 2004 appeal to local and state officials, the display remained in school buildings until 2010, when the American Civil Liberties Union and the Freedom From Religion Foundation requested that the display be removed.

In the subsequent months Giles County has become the center of another chapter in the ongoing, fragmented nationwide debate over secular government.

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April 1999: Following the Columbine High School massacre, Pastor Shahn Wilburn of Riverview Baptist Church consulted Giles County Superintendent Robert Mc Cracken about placing a display in the public schools intended “to remind students of right from wrong, the United States’ Christian heritage, the law and, particularly, the sixth commandment: ‘Thou shalt not kill.'” Mc Cracken consented and the display went up.

“Question over God in schools a familiar one for Giles County”, January 2004: Giles High School senior Sarah Myers wrote letters of complaint over the display to state representatives, who forwarded the letters to the Virginia Department of Education.

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If you don't have time to play through the entire game this is a great way to see all the levels and girls quickly and easily.Discount may be withdrawn at any time and applies to the first year only.In 1999, a local pastor donated several framed displays, of a portion of the Constitution of the United States and an abridged Protestant Ten Commandments, to Giles County Public Schools.Articles and press releases are cited below summaries while correspondence is hyperlinked within summaries.Please send me any sources i’ve omitted or additions or corrections to anything that’s incomplete or inaccurate!

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