Norwich dating events

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” To create a palace for the people, we need the support of the people.So far, over 90% of £13.5m needed for this exciting project has been raised through local and national grant-giving organisations, including generous support of £9.2m from the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.These versatile daggers were carried by all social classes, from knights to peasants, and could also be used as domestic knives.The handles were often carved from hardwood and this one has an ivy root handle.Unbelievably, this left boot is fully intact and in amazing condition.

The band and stone are still in excellent condition.

This is also likely to appeal to local history enthusiasts or perhaps a large local employer wanting to give back to the city and workers that have supported it over the years.

Have you got a big celebration or anniversary coming up?

They could be the perfect recipient of this medieval Bollock Dagger.

These daggers, also known later as ‘kidney daggers’, were used in battle as a side-arm, alongside other weapons such as the sword.

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