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If you’re pregnant in Indonesia and you don’t want to be, you have a few options: You can follow the law and carry your pregnancy to term. Raden Saleh in Jakarta, wait for a stranger to ask, “Do you want to get rid of that?” and hope he brings you to someone skilled at abortion who will charge you in rupiah and not sex.

In a neat piece of scheduling the Tokyo Film Festival’s symposium on women film makers in Indonesian cinema on Wednesday followed directly on from the screening of “Three Sassy Sisters.” Sex, clothing and freedom of expression were on the agenda, and each flowed into the other.

A medical student, Hudaya was just getting a toehold on a life she hoped would keep her out of Tasikmalaya, the conservative city she fled after high school.

Having a baby would mean the end of everything: her studies, her relationship with her family, her freedom. A close relative disowned her, telling her it is a sin for a woman to kill her own blood.

Canadian man Neil Bantleman, a former teacher at the prestigious Jakarta Intercultural School, was first jailed in 2015 for allegedly sexually abusing kindergarten children.

He was briefly released in February 2016 on appeal, but his freedom was short lived and he was jailed again by a higher court.

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