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It's got the heavy feel and look of many quality fragrances.

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A Marshmallow World sang by Bing Crosby is playing on the wind... I asked for suggestions for icy/ chilly scents that remind you of frosty air and this is perfect. Will definitely be repurchasing this as long as it's not discontinued. One whiff of this took me to NY in the Winter of 1980! I don't smell anything I'd identify as "jasmine" on my skin. I agree with the review that describes this as "creamy"...that's exactly right for my nose. I really love this new fragrance ( I have the mist , and saving for the perfume). Sometimes a cheap thrill is fun though for a short period of time. This is perfectly fluffy sweet, makes me think of marshmallow fluff and sweetened whip cream.

Lovely scent reminds me of a combination of things : similar to the old BBW Pear Blossom, BBW Rice Flower and Shea , and amaretto coffee creamer. I feel like this is a carefree happy sort of scent.

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I did find that it comes and goes a bit during that time, but overall longevity was stellar.It's also long lasting to me and I just have the mist.Wouldn't mind the actual perfume because the bottle looks very cute! It's light fluffy whimsical easy on the nose; to me has almost a faint play-doughy undertone to it.It does have the typical Bath and Bodyworks signature DNA running through it so I doubt it could be mistaken for something expensive, but its soft focus dream like opalescence makes me want to keep sniffing it.It smells primarily of a softly sweet creamy vanilla musk with a touch of salt, powdery marshmallow, and a hint of fruitiness.

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