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At the same time I finally picked up a copy of the RAS Journal Volume 57 and was able to read Vaudine England’s very interesting summary of Rosary Hill, and Brian Edgar’s coverage of Irish stay-outs in occupied Hong Kong and the challenges they faced.

I also enjoyed the article about the bombing of Bungalow C, but still disagree with the conclusion that it was deliberate.

Anyway, it allowed me to add a new story to the Royal Signal Gallantry Awards website, which you can see here.” The gentlemen here are Victor Ient, Henry Liley, Monty Truscott, Eustace Levett, Harold Copsey, Eric Rumford, R. Harrison, William Holland, Alec Hunt, William Mc Cormick, F. At Lower Hutt hospital, where she delivered me on October 25, 1945, New Zealanders she had never seen before would come in and drop off gifts, mainly for the baby, on her bed. She went shopping but could not find shoes small enough to fit her.

It is addressed to Tommy's mum, my great nan, and it explains he was a Japanese P. W and how he had promised Tommy he would find her and tell her what happened to him.” He kindly attached the letter, and after a little investigation, this turned out to be Private J.

Baker (either Jack Baker 6201138 or John Baker 6203298) of the Middlesex rather than Barker.

Diana Hall (daughter of Eric Hall, HKVDC) got back in touch asking about the fate of her grandparents, Robert Hall and Jeannie Silver Hall who were imprisoned at Weihsien Internment Camp in China – they had emigrated from Scotland to Tientsin, China in 1920.

He gave their numbers at the end of February – from Japanese figures - as British 5,072, Canadian, 1,689, Indian, 3,829, and others, 357; a total of 10,947.

If you add in the 1,500 members of the garrison who were killed in the battle you get 12,447.

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