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It technically broke Chinese neutrality, but the Chinese protests were ignored.The British, not wanting the Japanese to claim a victory by themselves, added 1000 troops of the South Wales Borderers, and 500 Sikhs.They stayed just outside the range of the heavy naval batteries overlooking the harbor.In addition to their warships, the Japanese had one seaplane tender; the On September 2, the Japanese landed troops at Lungkou, 100 miles north of Tsingtao.They transformed it into a modern port city, with railway lines and a well-fortified harbor.Around it, they constructed strong fortifications with numerous gun emplacements and a naval station.

In 1891 the German Empire took control of the small fishing village and began a massive construction campaign.

During the day the Germans responded with their own barrage, directed by observers on a high hill outside the city.

The next day the Japanese opened up with a massive bombardment.

Alfred Meyer-Waldeck, German commander of the forces at Tsingtao, did not want to waste his limited infantry in a needless fight.

His troops fought a slow retreat but had to relinquish railway stations as they went; enabling the Japanese to bring in more troops.

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